Big Medical Data in Primary Care (BiMeDa)

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By: paraskevas.vezyridis | November 28, 2015

I have now completed the preliminary work on the project's website. All the information about the project is now online. 

I have worked on developing the section on There are now plenty of reports to read about this big data initiative by NHS England and generally about big data in healthcare. There is also a nearly exhaustive list of actors concentrated around it. 

I have also built an interactive timeline of this initiative using Timeline JS and a list of online media articles about using Listly (I like the tagging feature).

There is still a lot of work to do about big data in healthcare in general, but for now I will work on developing an interactive map about The idea is to use an online platform (e.g. debat...

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By: paraskevas.vezyridis | November 12, 2015

Recently, I started exploring the field of scientometrics. There is also an associated journal to get a good grasp of related work.

Excited to discover a great number of online tools to do all sorts of data extractions and analyses:

ScienceScape & Table 2 Net

Gephi (my favourite for data visualisation)

The more I explore this field, the more I can see Elsevier Scopus' usefulness for a scientometric analysis of published scientific literature. Compared to other choices out there,  full citation information can be extracted (including the much needed keywords).


There are some other tools (not necessarily for scientometrics) available for working with (collecting and visualising) social media data. Worth checking out: 


DMI Tools



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By: paraskevas.vezyridis | November 12, 2015

A highly recommended workshop I attended recently, presented by Sam MartinLearned a great deal of stuff about big data analytics skills and software for social media data.  

Next stop is Luxembourg and the Big Data Europe Workshop: The challenges of big data for societies in a changing world.

Also looking forward to another training day to get a good grasp of participant observation as qualitative data collection method. 

All in all, happy and glad to have enough training funds to develop my skills further as I see fit. 

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By: paraskevas.vezyridis | August 12, 2015

The BIMEDA project has already started!

I have been pretty busy during the past two weeks sorting out all the paperwork, finding a place to stay and planning ahead all the details and activities of an exciting project I am so looking forward to complete. 

Being back to the University of Nottingham after 5 years and working with my PhD supervisor once more, while seeing again some good old friends makes me feel at home!

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