Big Medical Data in Primary Care (BiMeDa)

After graduating from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens with a BSc in Nursing and completing my conscripted military service in Greece, I moved to London where I studied Health Informatics at City University, London with a scholarship by the Greek State's Scholarship Foundation (IKY) and Nursing Studies at King's College, London with a Schilizzi scholarship.

Then, I moved to the University of Nottingham where I completed by fully-funded PhD studies under the supervision of Dr Stephen Timmons and Dr Heather Wharrad. I was a 2012 Diana Forsythe Award Finalist for the first paper that came out of my thesis.    

After spending almost five years of intense teaching at Frederick University Cyprus, I am back to Nottingham for the bimeda project. 


I have a great passion for ethnographic investigations of the social, technical and ethical impact of information and communication technologies on healthcare. Always inspired and guided by an Actor Network Theory (ANT), and generally by a socio-technical, understanding of the world. You can check a relevant selection of videocasts I have been curating here.

All in all, as long as I have my voice recorder in my bag, my CAQDAS installed on my laptop and there is some kind of healthcare technology involved I feel happy!  

You can check my CV here.

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